• PA State Inspection
    • Cars: $29.75 + tax
    • Commercial Trucks (up to 1/2 Ton)/Trucks (3/4 ton and up)/Trailers: $51.95 + tax
      • Trucks (3/4 ton and up) includes 2 wheels pulled
      • Extra charge for axles pulled.
    • All adjustments, repairs, & parts will be charged for at our regular prices.
  • Emission $30 + tax

Oil Changes

  • Passenger vehicles up to 5 quarts: $29.95 + tax
  • Passenger vehicles 6 quarts and up: $34.95 + tax
  • Tractors : ask for pricing

Labor Rate

  • Passenger vehicles $75 per hour
  • Truck/Tractor/Trailer $85 per hour
  • Ask for pricing on auto body work


*All prices are subject to change.*

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